Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mkt Outlook-14


Welcome to Corridor of uncertainty
{{The corridor of uncertainty is a phrase originating from the sport of cricket. It describes an area where a cricket ball can pitch during a delivery: a narrow line on and just outside a batsman's off stump. The name is derived from the opinion that this is the area in which a batsman struggles most to determine whether to play forward or back, or whether to leave the delivery.

We are in similiar phase whether to play long or short,or stay away

In MKT Mantra Thread Vikram mentioned few points which cn be considered seriously.Currently Fuel price rise is delayed - decision making will be lingered on to - thinking that crude price will come down and thay wont have to raise the price Good Game of Speculation & Positive for Market.Second FII investment limit on GILTS raised to 5 m from 3.5 -- a positive news because core cos can bring home 100 m Dollars instead of earlier 30 million dollars.

Technically We are in Oversold Position & if our narrow line means 4800 is saved den sharp upmove is possible.A Single Positive Trigger may blast Market But I always Prefer to Play with certain Levels So Here levels

Nifty is Strong Above 4885 & 4907 , Abv 4907 Keep Small Stoploss 4880 Tgt 4935-4970-5017-5050+

Nifty is Weak Below 4870 so Buy 4800 Put with stoploss 4925
Below 4800 Panic selling is possible & Possible Tgts 4760-4730-4654

[Risk of Only 30 Pt Nifty]

Markets will be More Volatile so Both side sl hit & den tgt possible.Chek Your Own Risk appetite before entering in any trade.

Short Term Trading Calls

Stocks 4 Trading

Buy Abv 780 Stoploss 765 Possible Tgt 815-825+

Buy Abv 790 Stoploss 775 Possible Tgt 815-825+

Buy Abv 1670 Stoploss 1640 Possible Tgt 1700-1750+

Buy Abv 490 Stoploss 480 Possible Tgt 515-550+

Buy Abv 240 Stoploss 227 Possible Tgt 245-255+

Buy Abv 140 Stoploss 126 Possible Tgt 160-180+

Buy Abv 105 Stoploss 100 Possible Tgt 112-120+

Buy Abv 160 Stoploss 151 Possible Tgt 175+

Buy Abv 60 SL 55 Possible TGT 70-75+

*Above Mentioned Targets are Indicative Only
*Always Book Partial Profits
*These are Short Term Tgts

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